• Our Factory

    Shandong Zhongjie Pressure Equipment Co., Ltd is located in Heze , Shandong, has specialized in industrial boilers, pressure vessels and central air conditioning industry for more than 30 years.

  • Our Product

    we offer complete solutions integrated with design, manufacturing, installation at competitive prices.Our main products are Industrial Boiler, Hot Water Boiler, LPG Tank, LNG Tank, Air Conditioner.

  • Our Certificate

    Provide pre-sales technical consultation, sales technical support, and after-sales technical services. Open a 24-hour after-sales service hotline to answer users' difficult questions in time.

About Us

Shandong Zhongjie Pressure Equipment Co., Ltd. (Former Heze Boiler Factory Co., Ltd.) was founded in 1984. After more than 30 years of development, the company has become a professional pressure equipment manufacturer with four major product segments: pressure vessel, industrial boiler, central air conditioning and engineering installation with integrated R&D, design, production, installation, commissioning and technical services.

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    OEM Services
    Ground LPG Tank: 5m3 to 200m3 capacity , horizontal or vertical type
    Underground LPG Tank: 5m3 to 100m3 capacity , horizontal type
    Provide one-stop service from design to installation

  • Steam Boiler

    Gas boiler
    (0.5 ton to 65ton), Biomass boiler (1 ton to 35 ton) , widely used in various industrial field, Offer complete solutions integrated with boiler design, manufacturing, installation service.

  • Thermal Oil Boiler

    300,000kcal to 12,000,000kcal fuel gas or biomass boiler available
    Low pressure and high temperature
    Perfect automatic control
    High thermal efficiency and good energy saving effect, Sell well in Southeast Asia.

  • Cryogenic LNG / LO2 / LN2 / LAr / LCO2 Tank

    Fully refrigerated liquid gas storage tank, vacuumed and insulated cryogenic pressure vessel, double-layer structure, high vacuum powder insulation, low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance, long service life.

From the News

  • 03/1
    Method Of Pressure And Fire Operation Of Stea...
    Boiler press Fire before, appropriate to reduce the boiler load, and then according to the length of the stoppage time, the coal seam thickening (generally but 200 mm), the appropriate speed of the grate, when the thickened coal seam to the old Millimeter Eagle iron (slag retaining device) about 1 mm
  • 03/1
    Extinguishing Protection Of Steam Boiler
    To prevent the occurrence of furnace explosion, fuel (gas) boiler must set up the extinguishing protection device, the function is to monitor the combustion situation in the furnace (including ignition, when the ignition failure or combustion midway out, generally in 5 seconds to re-ignition
  • 03/1
    Classification Of Steam Boilers
    Steam boiler According to fuel can be divided into electric steam boiler, fuel steam boiler, gas steam boiler, etc., according to the structure can be divided into vertical steam boiler, horizontal steam boiler, small steam boiler is mostly single, double return vertical structure, large steam boiler is more than three backhaul horizontal structure.